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Charles Winburn’s Releasing the Money Anointing was created from sermon notes and tapes. He now has sold over 10,000 books in six months through our specialized programs, including several appearances on The Bev Smith Show, a Nationally Syndicated Radio Talk Show!
Dear Pastor,

We invite you to find out why Christian Services Network has been dubbed "The Pastor's Publisher."

Since 1984, Christian Services Network (CSN) has served pastors, teachers, counselors and lay leaders around the world! CSN Books helps pastors and Christians publish their books, or transform their taped sermons into high-quality books. Our family of clients have sold millions of books!

We're your FULL SERVICE, Christian Publishing Company. CSN can help you create a book, or take a book you've created, and assist you with proofing, editing, typesetting, cover design, publishing, promotion and even marketing/distribution.

Pastor, once you've preached your message, your work is done!
Simply send CSN your taped, audio sermons and we will transform them into a bookstore quality book.

Here's How Easy It Is To Start!

CSN will transcribe your favorite audio-taped sermon, or series of sermons, for only $1 per minute (a 45-minute sermon = $45). After transcription, CSN Books will furnish you with a firm bid to bring your project "From Vision to Completion."

CSN's professionals perform all services related to producing your book: transcription, writing, editing, proofing, contemporary cover designs, printing, ISBN numbers, marketing, and distribution.

CSN is your "Partnership Publisher." We produce bookstore quality books and you keep the profits! No wonder we are doubling in size every year!

Pastor, if you are: 1) a first time author, or 2) an experienced author who wants to reach out beyond your own city, CSN can help sell your book. CSN Bookstore buyers around the world are constantly seeking teaching, inspirational and counseling materials.

If you have written a book, or taught a series that should become a book, CSN can help make that book a reality . Every book is customized to your specific needs.

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